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Welcome to Guardisse!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Guardisse Family.  When we think fashion, we think chic, unique, usable, accessible, and affordable. We think long-term.  Our brand is not just a one time shopping experience.  Our brand is a fun, exciting never-ending shopping experience. 
Your Guardisse pieces never expire. Your Guardisse pieces are a never ending world of mix and match, exchange, replace, and  do not expire, they grow Our Guardisse pieces are exchangeable gives you the a long-life opportunity to invest in timeless collection focuses Guardisse is an investment.  Our pieces are your investment to a long-lasting relationshipan investment and onvinient, Guardisse is your long life investment.  Take your savings to the next level by shopping at our online store. We provide around-the-clock customer service, and our selection is simply  Browse our inventory to find just what you’re looking for.


At Guardisse we believe style blossoms when fashion is the canvas, and your imagination is limitless.  Style is a very individual, romantic and personal gift that one cultivates through the seasons of life.  The vision behind Guardisse is wedded to the belief that style should be what makes you feel good; from head to toe, what inspires you, and what resonates with you. 

Our aspiration is to create a brand with collections that bring to life just the right unique beauty and enhancement to your daily style.  Practicality, flair, beauty, and originality are the foundation of our brand.   Guardisse is a brand that is ageless, timeless, trendless, and quite simply, ridiculously stylish and practical.  

About the 1 Collection:

Behind The 1 Wrist Pocket is the nagging muse of beauty and style. The 1 is inspired by the desire to weave essentials into your daily style, keeping your hands free to connect. The 1 reflects the desire to create a practical stylish accessory all of us can slip on and confidently go on about our day in a sparkle.  Not a replacement piece, The 1 is a compliment to your other pieces.  It's your mini purse, wallet, jeweled pocket, wrist pocket and more.  Designed for exceptional comfort, The 1 offers the freedom to stay exactly as you left home for an entire day and night with no compromise to your comfort, lifestyle, glamour, and peace of mind.  The I inspire a unique lifestyle.  

Made of breathable, no-itch, four-way stretch fabric (the same fabric used for sportwear/swimwear), to wick away moisture, keep you comfortable, and securely and discreetly store your essentials.  Ideal for quick errands, holiday parties, brunch, dinner, dancing, travel, the beach...anywhere. 

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