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Welcome to Guardisse!

Welcome to Guardisse!

Guardisse draws inspiration from the belief that style thrives when fashion serves as a limitless canvas for imagination.  Rooted in the idea that style should align with your mindset, lifestyle, and bring out your best self, each Guardisse design aspires to complement your everyday style with practicality, flair, beauty, and originality.  Our timeless designs will explore styling accessories beyond conventional norms, transcending age, trends and borders and seamlessly blending the old with the new to bring back the practicality of past styles.  


About the 1 Collection:

The 1 Collection Wristlets are inspired from a desire to seamlessly integrate key essentials into your daily style, embodying the "less is more" philosophy. Not a replacement to your handbags or wallets, these Wristlets are crafted for exceptional comfort, from breathable, four-way stretch fabric allowing you to move through your day effortlessly,  unencumbered,  and with the freedom to stay true to your style and mindset.   With each design telling a unique story and carrying a meaningful name, our Wristlets offer versatility for quick errands, holiday parties, dining, dancing, travel, hiking, and beyond.  

Your Destination for Best Wallet Wristlet and Wrist Bling

Guardisse stands for originality and individuality.  We create accessories that celebrate creativity, beauty, innovation, and style.  Our vision is wedded to the belief that style should be what makes you feel good from head to toe, what inspires you, and what resonates with you. We aspire to create accessories that magically transform your attire from day to night, business to casual, casual to cocktail, modest to inspiring, in seconds, painlessly, effortlessly and with lasting effect.  We are inspired by the idea that style should be practical, comfortable, convenient, versatile, and mirrors what drives you, unlike a general concept and a passing trend.  Our first collection, The 1 wrist wallet, is inspired by the desire to weave key essentials into your daily style.  We combined style and functionality to create the best wallet wristlet and wrist bling that protects your valuables, compliments your lifestyle, and elevates your style.    

With a bounty of colors, jewels, and fabrics, there is a wrist bling for every occasion, for every event, for every day.   Our latest Spring wrist wallet Collection of tangerine, ocean blue and green vibrant and pastel colors is our statement to beautify with accessories that make you happy and that echoes your need to stay connected and true to yourself.  

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